Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Databasing in the Museum World This Week

It has been rather quiet at work lately - lots of databasing so that everything is ready to go online in a couple of weeks. I can't wait, its what we have all been aiming for over the past two years! I shall let you all know when 'Operation St. Aubyn' is complete.

As for Queen Elizabeth and the Plymouth Strawberry... well now I think it was that she used to have one pinned to her dress, rather than embroidered... still looking for the text where I read that. Family tree is going along nicely. My camera is broken however, so I am waiting for my crazy-botanist friend who is never without his. He will be with me introducing Plymouth Strawberries back in to the wild this weekend. What fun!


  1. That's so wonderful you get to re-introduce a plant. I remember when they re-introduced the Frankliniana tree and then I read about how the dawn redwood was rediscovered in China - somehow these rare plants seem to be even more cherished than the ones we see every day. I must remember to remind myself that all the plants are to be cherished. I've always wanted a dawn redwood and I think I will plant one the next place we live.

  2. I like the idea it was pinned to QE 1's dress better.