Friday, 25 September 2009

Sound of Silence

Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry

Nowhere to go, nothing to do with my time

I get so lonely living on my own.

Sometimes I feel I'm always walking to fast

And everything is coming down on me, down on me, I go crazy

Oh so crazy - living on my own

Well said Freddie, I know what you mean… can get tedious can’t it?! But there is always something to do with your time and it’s better to let that craziness out young man! As you may have guessed, I am getting a bit crazy in my very quite world. I am not lonely though. I said goodbye to that over a month ago. Nope, I’m just living life in silence pretty much – thinking.

I am sorry about that, but it’s just the way it is. Mercury is in retrograde, the moon is in Capricorn and Jupiter is doing silly things in the sky.

However, the good news is that I have started my embroidered family tree this week – photographs to come… See, there is always something to do with time, even if it is a bit crazy!

P.S. Re-introduction of the 'extinct' Plymouth Strawberry (above) next weekend - can't wait!


  1. Oh, you've got me feeling a bit sad reading your post, can I cheer you up? If I was around the corner I would ring you up and ask you to go to an arboreteum with me, as I love plants. Years ago I used to go the SF arboreteum and spend hours wandering the paths and looking at all the plants. Then I'd go over to the Japanese Tea Garden and have a cup of tea and some of their little crunchy salty crackers to go with it, then sometimes I'd go over to the de Young museum and see an exhibit. I remember seeing the touring King Tut exhibit there once - that was really something.

    The Plymouth strawberry is so unusual, I've never known such a plant - almost flower and berry rolled into one. Some day I'd like to grow alpine strawberries as I have heard they are quite tasty.

    In my own garden I am hoping to see the Spanish tarragon, Tagetes lucida, bloom one more time before we move. We have quite a long Mediterranean climate here so I can get it to bloom in late October or early November just before a frost sets in.

    The stone work in that one wall was beautiful in the post below. I'm looking forward to seeing your embroidered family tree.

  2. Tell me (rhetorical) about the silence….it just goes on and on. I think we are both in the same place right now. I actually managed to see or speak to no one from 8.30 am yesterday to 8.30 pm; at least I get AB back in the evening. Like you say it is good for getting stuff done. Mercury is a right pain when retrograde like this; at least you know that the status quo is not stationary when Mercury is in reverse. Getting crazy would be the best of it to be honest at least then I’ve got something to GO with but I just can’t seem to tip over that edge!

    Has the Plymouth Strawberry been embroidered in antiquity at all, I seem to remember you saying it was past of a kings crest or am I imagining it? If not it would be great to see a picture of it.

  3. Snesils - Word verification; slang for an ailment associated with the common cold that manifests itself as a croup like cough. From the old English snesil – to cough with phlegm.

    I am not as good as you on this word verification lark. I think a whole other blog dedicated to this is a good idea.

  4. Totally aggree with you on making a new blog on word verifications! May set one up today...

    You are right about the Plymouth Strawberry being embroidered (which makes me want to put some on my family tree)... I'll try and find a picture for you. It was Queen Elizabeth I who had it sewn as a dress pattern frequently.

    All your words about plants Linda were lovely, a real joy to read. Spanish tarragon is a very pretty plant, a lovely gorgeous yellow which is a pleasure to see just before winter. I am very jealous that you have that in your garden.

    Please do not worry, or feel sad, I am ok. Formula One this weekend! Whoop Whoop! xxx