Monday, 28 September 2009

Verification Vocabulary

Last night I got a very numb bottom while I sat at my computer for hours talking with my mum on Skype. We spoke for such a long time, because we were designing our new blog called Verification Vocabulary. Out in Spain, mum's laptop was getting a bit worn out, and she kept disappearing, but we finally did it!

Verification Vocabulary, expands on our ever evolving langauge, giving us new words to use in everyday life. Each day, a new word will be posted, with its meaning.

Where do the words come from?

All the words used on this blog began their lives as computer generated words, shown in a colourful font. They are mainly shown on blog sites to allow someone to leave a comment on a secure page on the internet. It must be a very clever computer program, because it seems to always put the vowels in the right places, so that you usually end up saying it out loud. Verification Vocabularly is the place where not only are these words recorded, but where they are manufactured into proper words with proper meanings.

Please feel free to visit VV laugh and clap your hands with the amusement!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I've just discovered your web site and your blog as a result of the hilarious Verification Vocabulary site. Your botanical illustrations are absolutely beautiful. You have done the rare thing of not only doing an accurate rendition of the plant, but you have brought it to life as well, and that is a really special thing! I do hope (selfishly) that you will add more to your web site, I know it is a "pain" to do, but it would be so nice to see more of what you have done. Would it be OK with you if I put a link to your site on my one?
    All the very best to you, Peter, Laura, and Ginger

  2. Hi there I have just found you too. I found peter a while ago and he has led me here through WV.

    What an interesting blog much to learn as one reads it all. The grapes and oranges were something I knew nothing about ... how amazing.

    Keep writing it ....please