Saturday, 16 January 2010

How to cook a vegetable soup without the use of a right forefinger...
Last night I missed my preview party at the Royal Cornwall Museum for the St. Aubyn exhibition. Instead, I thought it would be a good idea to crush my finger in the hinge of a fire door and spend my Friday night in A&E. I have to say a big thank you to all the staff who helped me last night at Truro - you were all very fast, calm and kind.

So, how to cook a soup without the use of ones right forefinger (I did in the end break and fracture the tip of it). Well:

Step one: Choose your vegetables. I suggest that this is done carefully. Be mindful of the more spherical and the hard ones - these have a tendancy of rolling off the chopping board. Mushrooms are very useful, because you can just break these up in your hands. Anything tinned, such as beans are OUT-OF-THE-QUESTION.

Step two: Get a bread knife, or any knife with a serrated edge and slice through the vegetables. Non-serrated knives are useless without the use of ones forefinger, as are peelers. Bread knives work well for onions. Potatoes and carrots can be chopped by dropping the knife from a good height and at a hefty speed. Please watch your other fingers when chopping the vegetables - we don't want anymore accidents!

Step three: Peel the garlic. This is the most challenging element of the task, but in my view, no soup is worth eating without some garlic in it, so its worth the pain. Chop the garlic randomly - you will not get it very small because of the knife selection. You won't be able to crush it either.

Step four: Cook it and eat it :-)

Tomorrows lesson will be how to paint a picture without the use of ones right forefinger - I am up for the challenge!!

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  1. Peel your garlic by rolling it hard onto the board with the palm of your left hand. The skin just comes off, honestly, try it.
    Poor little Jessie it is a horrid accident (and I have seen the photographs) I hope it stops hurting soon. MUM xxxx
    V V word is Zymob!!!!!!