Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rather a lot of Jessies

Along with trying to get 'Flowers in August' finished by the 22nd (it is a piece of coursework for the SBA course which comes with a deadline), I am trying to complete a sampler which I am making for some friends. They are getting married on the 11th September, so this really needs to be completed soon as well. The race is on! So this is the 'free-hand' sampler so far:

The sampler (48 x 65cm) with a months work left to do on it.

Take special note of the names - this is no sewing error. I too, am frequently known as Jessie, but when I am with these two, my name becomes 'Jess', (hence signage on the sampler) in order to prevent confusion. And in conversation, we always refer to ourselves as: Mr Jesse, Mrs Jessie or Miss Jessie (me). There are also a couple of other Jessica's in the group who occasionally pop up, and on these occasions nicknames are the only solution.

Detail of Percy the Peacock at Kew Gardens

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  1. This comes out of my head, I make it up as I go along in case anyone was wondering... Therefore I often sew what I observe whilst sewing, including Percy who sits outside my window at work. Other elements are to do with the Jessies - nationality flags and the like...