Saturday, 15 May 2010

I have finished it at last!

I have been working on this piece of embroidery on and off for the last year, and I have finally finished it!

It originally was to pass the time on the train when I would go to London for long weekends from Plymouth. Then it got tossed aside when I started working on my allotment in January 2009 . Then I handed the allotment back to the council in September, and I picked it up again... but got bored and started my embroidered family tree, which I quickly became obsessed about.

Then I broke my finger in January 2010 and well it was the only thing I could do as one doesn't use their right forefinger to sew, and I lost interest in the family tree as I was working on it just before the accident happened (bad associations).

Then I moved to London at the end of February 2010 and started catching the tube a lot to Aldgate East from Kew... that's a lot of sewing time.

So, it is finished and ready to be framed! Yippeee!