Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Mariolo, Riogordo, Spain. Drawn by the pool on the 4th October 2010

This is the house I stayed in last week. It's a fabulous house in the Spanish mountains near Riogordo, Malaga, Had a marvellous week there, despite a rather spectacular accident fulfilled by my boyfriend whilst staying there. He thought it would be good to get competitive whilst playing Ping-Pong with his step-father. Let this be a lesson to all those competitive sportsmen out there - Ping-Pong is in fact a blood sport. Not sure if he thought he had those butterfly wings still on, but he must have thought he could fly, becuase he launched himself rather impressively head first into a nasty jagged wall. After four hours of waiting in A & E he emerged with a big bandage on his head and hand - 6 stiches in his head, and 4 in his hand. Poor thing.